The HANS™ Premium Water by Culligan® appliance is true whole-house water purification

HANS™ Premium Water by Culligan® Model 2

what does it really mean?

Lots of water companies use the term “whole-house.” To them whole-house means adding a water softener and a single reverse osmosis device. But to us, whole-house means much more.

The HANS™ Premium Water by Culligan appliance connects to your home’s water main. Dirty water goes in. Better than bottled water quality comes out and flows through your whole house. It removes dirt, chlorine, odors and contaminants like lead, arsenic, PFAS, bacteria and viruses making all the water you drink, bathe in and cook with the cleanest and safest possible.

This is whole-house water purification.

  • Drink safe, clean water from any faucet in your home, not just a single tap in your kitchen.
  • Wash and prepare food in contaminant-free water.
  • Bathe and shower in water that is free of skin-drying chlorine and other dangerous chemicals.
  • Enjoy crystal-clear glassware free from spots and etching left by softener salt.
  • Save money by eliminating the use of expensive, wasteful bottled water.
  • Keep fixtures looking great by preventing lime scale buildup.
  • Put an end to rust stains on fixtures and tile**.

Virtually Contaminant Free Water* |  99.9999% reduction of bacteria  |  99.99% reduction in viruses

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Get the great-tasting, crystal-clear, virtually contaminant-free water your family deserves.